What is Guided Meditation?

Are you super keen to achieve your goals and get started in a powerful way with guided meditation?

Guided meditation uses a special technique, integrating meditation and visualization, where the listener is taken on a journey, by a narrator. Guided meditation focuses on more general goals such as a clear mind and a complete state of relaxation. Meditation is self-induced and with full self-awareness.

As your body and mind are in a state of relaxation, the visualization journey will access your subconscious mind to develop the mindset you require to reach any of your goals in life. The subconscious mind is not normally accessible by the conscious mind but is working all the time for us in good and bad ways. Our aim here at MagneticThought is to input only positive and beneficial images to help you attain your goals.

What if I am not good at seeing things in my mind?

We can all visualize, it’s just that some are better than others due to the fact that they have strengthened their visualization skills, either consciously or unconsciously. Your visualization skills will be greatly enhanced after you have listened to our mediations a few times. We include a specific journey, on each session, to help with this. Once you’ve strengthened your visualization skills, you will see a dramatic reduction in the time it takes you to reach your goals in life.

Here are 3 quick tips to help you to get the most from your guided meditation sessions; to ensure that you get the maximum benefit and reach your goals.

Listen consistently

Yes, you will feel great after just one session, but the real change comes with consistent repetition. Repetition is the father of learning, and equally with our sessions, with repetition, the changes will sink into your mind and become a real solid lasting change, and indeed, simply a part of who you are.

Just enjoy the experience without over-thinking.

Don’t worry if you daydream, don’t worry if you snooze, don’t worry if your thoughts are racing. Don’t worry. You are making subconscious changes and your mind often takes some adjusting – everyone has a different reaction, but this is ok – it is what your mind needs to do and how you react and it is fine – so don’t worry whether you are thinking too much or not at all, just keep listening, consistently, and let your thoughts and emotions iron themselves out. You ARE experiencing the benefits no matter how active or inactive you think your mind is.

Align your goals to your sessions

Browse our large (and ever-growing) range of guided meditation sessions – whether your goal is weight loss, or improving your confidence, or even manifesting your dream lifestyle, we have a session that is more uniquely designed to help you to reach your individual life goals.

Steps to changing your life with guided meditation at MagneticThought

  • Make the decision to embark on the journey to self change. Remember real change takes time.
  • Choose which area of your life you’d like to change by browsing our large (and ever growing) range of Guided Meditation sessions
  • Remove all distractions (e.g. switch off your mobile)
  • Sit or lay back and get comfortable. Relax.
  • Use headphones (highly recommended).
  • Press play.
  • Repeat this process and listen to your guided meditation for 21 consecutive days. This conditions you to respond to the suggestions more rapidly