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Success Is Not An Accident | Motivational

Success is not an accident practice makes perfect. There is no success without hard work and dedication, take a close look at successful people such as Kobe Bryant, Michael Jodan, and Stephen Curry you will notice they go over and beyond that of the ordinary person.

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What Are You Accomplishing | Motivational

What are you accomplishing? Where is life taking you? Are you getting the best out of life? A question so many of us ask at some point in our lives? If you are one of those people and want to find out how we can get a more fulfilling life this video is for you. It will change your life as it has changed so many lives that have listened to this video.

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The Power of Focus: Focus Defined – Chapter 1

In this video, we’ll talk about “focus” defined. Focus is integral to accomplishment. It may actually fall in the same category as ambition, motivation, leadership, and other driving forces behind becoming successful but does not necessarily get the attention that it deserves.

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