How Success Begets Success

The question: what’s the best way to get whatever you want in life?

The answer: to start getting what you want!

What do I mean? I mean that success begets success. In other words, once you begin to have some success, it can open up the floodgates for more success to follow.

So how does this work?

Well, the easiest example to consider is an example of money. Once you have a little financial success, it becomes much easier to have more financial success. When you are poor, you will find yourself taking out loans, borrowing money, and generally hemorrhaging money.

Once you have a little cash though, you’ll be able to start investing your cash and turning that initial money into more money. Even if you do still take out loans, they’ll be at a better rate meaning you won’t pay as much for the convenience!

But financial success leads to success in other areas too. In fact, once you are making a lot of money, you can use this to launch almost any career you can think of. You now have the time to spend doing other things you love: things like writing or recording music. And why not use that cash in order to promote yourself? Maybe even to set up your own music company or your own publishing company?

There are countless more examples that don’t involve cash too. For example, if you want to be more successful, then knowing the right people and networking is incredibly important. And guess what happens once you know a few influential people? They introduce you to more influential people! And you start to climb the ladder of influence, eventually meeting the world’s truest movers and shakers.

Once you’re in good shape, it becomes easier to get into even better shape. When you’re out of shape, you might find it hard to find the energy you need to do things, you might be prone to injury and you might generally not be able to get a good start in your workouts. Once you have that base fitness, you’ll be able to run further and more often and your metabolism will blaze through fat.

This might all seem a little unfair. If it’s so much easier for those who are already rich to get richer then what is even the point in trying?

Don’t see it that way. See it this way: it is hard right now. But if you keep trying and you keep pushing, then eventually you can accomplish nearly anything!