How To Figure Out What Makes You Happy

Happiness is a journey and every good journey begins with a map. When you’re on the discovery path to happiness, plotting your journey is just as important as the journey itself.  For some, it’s a constant struggle for happiness. Even money, career, great relationships, and good health don’t live up to the task of making you happy, even though you expected it to. When you’re not happy even though you have everything you thought would make you happy, it’s time to take a step back and get to know yourself. When you know who you are, what your value system is, and take notice of what fills you with emotions of joy and pleasant sensations, you’ll be ready to plot your course to true happiness.

Getting to know yourself can be difficult. You’ve likely formed an opinion about yourself and what makes you happy, driven, sad, angry, and self-confident. You may be surprised to find that what you thought was true isn’t true at all. Self-discovery can be a launching pad to happiness in your life. When you understand what you want out of life, who you’re meant to be and your true purpose, you’ll be well on your way to completing the circle of happiness.

Assessing various parts of your life can be helpful in determining your level of happiness. One way is to keep a gratitude journal. Each day, write down everything you’re grateful for. It could be something as simple as a beautiful sunrise – or as serious as a positive health report. How about your job? Are you happy with your career accomplishments or would a different route make you happier and more content? If you want to do more in that area, contemplate ways you could reach that goal. It’s best to write these thoughts and actions down to have a clear and well-defined path.

Find your core values and you’ll find the essence of your personality. If you’re engaged in activities or have relationships with others who don’t meet the criteria that exemplify your true values, find a way to rid yourself of these negatives and surround yourself with positive people who adhere to those values you hold dear.

Assessing your health and physical well-being is another way to discover what makes you happy. If you lack the discipline to exercise and stick to a healthy diet plan to regulate your weight and fitness, figure out how doing so will make you happy. You may be more enthusiastic about becoming fitter and healthier if you know how those changes will affect your happiness quotient. Begin today to allow yourself time to think about how you define happiness. When you’re ready, begin the journey and change your path if needed. Don’t forget to dream big.

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