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How to Get More Done in the Evening and Feel Less Exhausted

If you think about your usual daily routine and the way you live your life, then you should find that it’s relatively easy to identify areas where you could be performing better and where perhaps you are not as productive as you maybe should be. A good example of this for most of us is the evenings. Most people will tend to come home from work, cook food, eat and then collapse. The rest of the evening is spent mindlessly watching TV and then it’s bedtime.

The simple fact of the matter is that you don’t have any more energy in order to do anything constructive and that then leads to a wasted evening. This is actually almost a tragedy though when you think about how much most of us have that needs doing at any given time – or that we would like to do. You could be using this time to learn a language, you could be using it to exercise and get into shape… you could even set up a ‘side business’ and start earning more money doing something you love. Instead, you’re just lying there.

How to Get Back Your Evenings

So the question is: how can you re-energize and get your evenings back? Actually, this is approaching the question from the angle. In fact, the trick is to make sure that you don’t hit that ‘wall’ in the first place and to avoid reaching that point where you hit a lull. You need to keep your energy ‘up’ so that you never have that moment where you crash. If you are someone who eats food on the couch for instance, then this is right away something you should change immediately.

Eating dinner on the couch will instantly put you in a relaxed and tired mode and cause your body to relax. From there it will then become much harder to get back up. Start eating at the table instead – on hard seats – and you’ll find you never quite relax in the same way. Likewise, you won’t be tempted to watch the end of that TV program before you wash up.

Next, make sure that what you eat is light. You don’t want to get bogged down digesting so if you’re constantly tired in the evening… stop eating so much in one go! Keep the lights bright and set a timer so that you aren’t eating for more than 15 minutes. If you do that and you keep moving, you’ll find you’re never tempted to just ‘crash’.