Lessons You’ll Learn When You Live Alone

Living alone is an experience that everyone should have at some point in their lives but that few people actually do. This is a rite of passage that can help you to develop all kinds of important skills and traits and that actually changes who you are. While many people think that living alone might be a lonely experience or a sad one, the reality is that it can be the making of you. Let’s take a look at how and why…


When you live alone you are forced to deal with all those little things that go wrong on a daily basis. If you never live alone then you might never be in a position where you need to learn to cook and you might never be in a position where you need to learn to deal with a blown fuse. Live alone and you develop skills that can aid your survival and enrich your life going forward.

Living alone also means that all the chores are down to you from washing up to taking out the trash. And guess what? This makes you a much better person to live with when you eventually do move in with someone.

Freedom and Personal Development

When you live alone, you experience a kind of freedom that is actually daunting for many people. When you go out with friends you won’t need to warn anyone that you’re coming home late and you won’t need to explain yourself when you’re tired the next day. Likewise, when you live alone you will have hours of time at points where you have nothing you ‘need’ to be doing and no one else to dictate how you spend your time. This is again an alien concept for many of us and as a result, you will likely learn new hobbies and skills just to pass the time. You become a deeper and more interesting person.

Knowing Yourself

What’s more, being alone forces you to know yourself better, and learning more about yourself can help you to make the most out of your skills and your personality.

Having all this freedom will teach you what’s important to you and who you are. You will spend much more time in your own thoughts – simply as a result of speaking less – and you will have more creative thoughts and ideas as a result.