Mind Power Secrets for Attracting Prosperity and Wealth – Audiobook

“All of us possess a super-power that lies dormant within  – and once awakened will not only make life better but allow you to live your full potential and become your legacy.” – Dane Spotts

Learn how to access the hidden powers of your mind and use a remarkable technology called “visioneering” that focuses the power of the mind to make your dreams come true. Millionaires and peak performing athletes use it to achieve success.

This audio workshop by Author Dane Spotts includes a number of powerful mental exercises that can be used in conjunction with your meditation programs for added personal power.

Author Self Help Resources


Super Brain Power

Learn about the Brain Supercharger technology, how it was developed and used by thousands worldwide to zap stress, boost brainpower and unfold profound states of altered consciousness. Then experience it yourself firsthand.


The Photographic Mind

The ultimate memory course published in book form and incorporating the Brain Supercharger technology. 14 interactive workshops sequentially train you to unleash your memory power beyond your wildest expectations.

Eternity: Ultra Meditation VI

A new technique has been employed on these two experimental soundtracks to assist in launching your soul on its journey to transcendence.  Both soundtracks on this CD use a sophisticated neuro-matrix to induce a deep altered states experience.