Simple Habits That Will Make You a Better Thinker

One of the biggest hurdles to creativity is your mindset. It has been shown that negative people are less creative and this is because they just have too many things that bother them. In order to free your mind you want to get rid of these negative thoughts and allow your creative mind to surface.

Use the following tips to achieve just this.

  • Write out a list of all those things that bother you, both big and small.
  • Relax in a bubble bath and let your mind wander.
  • Start daydreaming.
  • List all the people that you know who are creative.
  • Go talk to these people.
  • Set yourself a goal in life.
  • Learn a new skill that requires detailed thinking.
  • Use positive affirmations on a daily basis.
  • Look at pictures of a blue sky and green grass when stuck for ideas.
  • Start doodling when problem solving.
  • Solve crossword puzzles.
  • Look for solutions that are outside the box.
  • Come up with more than one idea for each problem.
  • Set yourself weekly problems to solve.
  • Play brain games.
  • Talk to someone you don’t know about the problem.
  • Change something in your daily routine.
  • Do something out of the ordinary for you.
  • Sit outside at night time under the moon and debate your problem.
  • Define your problem in as few as words as possible.

As you can see if you change up your routine your mindset also changes. It can also help to unclutter your mind. You may be trying to think too much or just have too much on your mind to think clearly.

This is exactly why it can be helpful to sit somewhere relaxing and allow yourself to daydream. When you stop thinking too much you will find that you can zero in on the issue at hand more clearly. Then suddenly you are filled with the solution, that was so hard to come up with before.

You may also find that writing out your problem can help you solve it. Clearly write out what it is that you need to solve or learn, create a step by step method of how you are going to tackle it. Before you know it you have written your solution into your plan.

You can become a better thinking by taking a deep breath, relaxing and allowing yourself the pleasure of day dreaming.