Steps to Manifesting Your Dreams Using a Vision Board

Ideas are more powerful when they are seen and spoken. Before you speak your ideas and desires to the universe, you first need to envision them. A vision board is the best way to represent your desires to the universe in a tangible way. The steps to creating a vision board are a specific practice. They require intention, focus, and must resonate with your desires.

Follow these steps to create your vision board for manifestation:

1. Define Your Desires

What do you want from the universe? The desire for your vision board should be intentional and focused. “A happy life” or “More money” are not focused requests. Consider what makes you happy or how much money you need. The universe can only grant you what you truly desire in life, not what you vaguely wish for right now.

2. Gather Your Supplies

A vision board is a tangible request. If you plan to draw or paint your vision board, you will need the right tools like pencils or brushes. Perhaps you want to display the vision in your mind through pictures from magazines or posters. If you are attracted to words, you may decide to include cuttings from newspapers or write your own words on paper.

However you create your vision board, you will need the supplies that speak to you and give you the most honest medium to express your desires. It may take time to gather the images you want for your vision board. Don’t let the world rush you. When you’ve defined your desires, you will notice things that help complete your vision. Understanding what you desire enables you to prepare for the method to express it.

3. Create a Sacred Space

Don’t let the world crowd your time or diminish your efforts. Create a quiet, calm, sacred space to create your vision board. Any ritual you use should define your space as your sacred place for understanding and clarity. Protect your sacred space by keeping distractions out of your blessed area.

4. Listen to Your Spirit

Now that you have everything in front of you tune into your desires again. Let your spirit guide you in the creation of your vision. Each pencil or brush stroke and every picture or word you chose must come from the deepest place inside you. Let your desire be known to the universe by allowing your creativity to flow through and around you.

Don’t judge your vision board on artificial standards of beauty, art, or glamor. The simplest vision board can convey the most powerful message. Complex vision boards come from a strong desire and often repeat similar images across the board. Sparse vision boards can mean that you are entirely focused on your desire without distractions or additions. When you listen to your spirit, you will create the vision board that is meant for you.

5. Write and Speak Your Intention

You have created your vision in front of you. Now write the intention of your desire down and add it to your vision board. Speak your intention aloud so the universe knows you are asking for what you truly desire. Leave your sacred space knowing that the universe is working for you and will grant you what you need.

6. Reflect on Your Vision

Your vision board is not a message to the universe if you hide it. Keep your vision board where you can see it and reflect on it regularly. Use it to remind yourself that the universe is answering your request. Focus on what your blessing will be. Speak your written attention out loud to banish doubt. Know that you have sent the best of you into the universe and your desire will be granted to you.

A vision board helps you define, create, and focus on your deepest desire. A request made by searching your spirit and using your creativity to visual your desire is a strong and powerful way to speak to the universe.

Are you thinking of creating a vision board or perhaps you already have? Let us know your thoughts and any further tips in the comments section below.