Tips For Sticking To A Routine And Defeat Distractions

Creating and planning a routine is quite easy. However, sticking to the routine is another story. The following 3 tips for sticking to a routine can help you defeat distractions and achieve your goals:

Be Specific

You need to be specific to stick to your routine. If your plans are vague, you’re not ever going to act on them. For instance, “wake up earlier” is not a good plan. This is because it does not specify the time to wake up. Waking up at 6.30 is a good plan as it specifies the right time. In this way, you know the exact goal you are aiming for. For this to work, you need to plan the order on how to do your things. Since time is limited on your side, plan your things like appointments. You should never cancel an appointment. When you are canceling an appointment, it is like canceling yourself. Remember, you are very important and that is why you have a routine.

Monitor Your Progress

You need to monitor your progress. This will help you get an idea of how you are doing as far as your goals are concerned. This will make you stay motivated. Moreover, you will know when to try new approaches, if the ones you are using have failed. For most people, a journal or calendar are natural ways to monitor and keep track your goals.

Some routines may be things you do not enjoy doing. You need ways to motivate yourself so as to accomplish it. Think why you are doing that activity. The reasons will be a great motivation boost. It can take a considerable amount of time to adopt a new habit. This depends mainly on personality of the person. Other factors include how difficult or complicated new behaviors are. Fortunately, if you continue, the behavior will slowly turn into a habit.

Involve Others

You can involve your friends and family to help you stick to your routine. In fact, they can incorporate a sense of excitement and novelty. Adding flare of others and quirks can mean a world of difference. This will help you stick to your routine. Always surround yourself with people who think positive and support your goals. Friends are important for inspiration, conversation, determination, and motivation.

The above 3 tips for sticking to a routine will help you achieve your dreams. In addition, you should learn to measure your performance levels.