Top Reasons Why People Become Minimalists

If you think that minimalism is all about throwing your stuff away and counting pennies, then you must think again. Adopting a minimalist lifestyle is fundamentally about changing your mindset, about working out what your real values are and living in tune with them. Freeing yourself from society’s consumerist expectations is one aspect of minimalism, but here are 5 reasons you should consider incorporating minimalism into your life.

Minimalism frees you the need to impress

Minimalism means you can step aside from the hamster wheel of always having to look successful, having the latest brands or models of gadgets, smartphones, and clothes. You waste loads of energy trying to get ahead, looking for the next promotion, working 80-hour weeks and juggling all those obligations. You could put all that energy into things you genuinely love and care about instead.

A minimalist life can save you money

Once you’ve decluttered your house, especially your closet, you’re much less inclined to welcome in more stuff. Minimalism encourages you to distinguish between needs and wants. Those impulse buys or the bargains that you never use, or wear become much less attractive.

Minimalism can lead to a healthier you

Moving to a simpler lifestyle can have some unexpected health payoffs. Minimalists find they tend to eat better, exercise more, have better sleeping habits and generally have less stress in their lives.

Rejecting the demands of a materialist society means you are more likely to prioritize and make time for healthy activities like hiking, running, yoga or mediation. All of which leads to losing weight, lower blood pressure and a healthier, happier you.

Your relationships will improve

Minimalism has the potential to make you a better person! The process of re-evaluating your life and behavior makes you focus on what’s important to you and your family. Practicing minimalism virtually forces you to sit down and talk about values and how to live an authentic life.

Understanding what makes you happy gives you a different perspective on the world. If you no longer focus on creating a good impression, you are more inclined to slow down, really listen to people and be more empathic. You think before you speak and you’re more respectful of other people.


Minimalism might be for you

You’ll be more confident

Having done the work to begin a minimalist lifestyle, you’ll realize you are a work in progress. You’ll stop being so hard on yourself (and others) and be more comfortable with imperfection. Minimalism leads to a more authentic, more self-assured you!

Are you considering switching to a minimalist lifestyle? Or perhaps you’ve already made the transition? Let us know your thoughts and any further tips in the comments section below.