Your Thoughts and Your Creativity

Anyone can be creative and this doesn’t have to involve painting a beautiful picture or writing a novel. Instead, what it does involve is a shift in the way you look at things, and a change in your thought process.

Most of these things are actually quite easy to achieve and some will take a little more effort than others. But it is possible for you to become more creative than you ever thought possible.

Your first step is to become a more positive person. It has been shown that less creative people often have a more negative mindset than those who are more creative.

One easy way to shift your mindset is by using positive affirmations and quotes. You can easily search the internet for sites that list this type of content. Find some that really resonate with you and write them down. Then get into the habit of saying them out loud a couple of times each day.

Before you know it you will notice a shift in your mindset. Instead of looking at something negatively, you will view the situation differently, and look for what you could have done differently to change the outcome.

Read the following situation and see what your immediate thoughts are:

A person is trying to climb out of a window using a length of rope. They need to escape quickly and don’t want to jump and risk hurting themselves, what do they do?

Make a note of what your first thoughts are. Would you risk jumping and injuring yourself? Or would you look for a different solution?

Here’s the action that this person took. They took the rope apart, by untwisting it, tied the two ends together, and climbed out to safety.

Is this what you thought of too? If so then you are on the right road to creativity. If not, the solution was pretty easy, you just needed to think of it.

Quite often it is coming up with a simple solution that can seem so difficult. Many times you are just looking at things from a different perspective. Sometimes it can help when you un-attach yourself from the situation altogether. In other words, you don’t allow yourself to be emotionally involved. You almost want to pretend that it isn’t your problem at all.

For some strange reason this frees up your mind and allows you to find that simple solution more easily. Try this the next time you are stumped with a problem.