How to Network Effectively and Why You Absolutely Must

It is sometimes said that success is all about who you know. In other words, knowing the right people will result in opportunities that otherwise would never have presented themselves to you, which ultimately can result in greater success and happiness.

Look for Opportunities

The first key to networking is to get the introductions in the first place. This is perhaps the hardest part and it’s the part that simply doesn’t happen for a lot of us.

How do you ensure that you will be introduced to influential and impressive people?

The key is to think of your contacts like stepping stones and to realize that almost anyone can be reached by following the chain of connections.

The other trick is to simply give yourself the opportunities you need. That means going to networking events, it means going to parties and it means recognizing that any situation can offer good opportunities for networking and meeting people!

Spread the Love

That brings us onto one of the next points: give your time equally to everyone.

One of the worst traits that networking can bring out in people, is the tendency to network only with people they think are worth their time. Only with people they think will offer them something.

this is a huge mistake. Far more effective is to network with people because you want to spend time with them and to give your time equally to anyone who speaks to you. Not only does this make you appear kinder and less motivated by your own ends; it also creates even more opportunities.

Don’t be a Creep

This one should go without saying, but again it’s a mistake a lot of people make: don’t try too hard to impress and don’t be overly flattering! Certainly don’t boast. All these things only serve to make you seem desperate, which in turn can actually reduce your chances of success. Act yourself and let your selling points speak for themselves: it makes them seem infinitely more impressive.

Know Your Audience

Finally, learn to tailor your pattern to suit the audience that you are trying to impress. Different people respond better to different things and what will work for one person won’t work for another. Learn to cater your language, your dress code, and your conversation to suit the person you want to impress!