How to Look Highly Confident and Successful

The law of attraction tells us that as you look, so you will become. In other words, it really is possible to ‘fake it until you make it’. If you look at the part and act the part, then people are going to assume you know what you’re doing. And when that happens, the flood gates open and opportunities begin to throw themselves at you!

With that in mind then, dressing the right way and communicating that you are someone highly confident that knows what they’re doing is an important thing to be able to pull off. And I know this to be true from experience. In particular, I know it to be true from my driving exam where I came across as highly confident despite being incredibly nervous and out of my depth. The fact I seemed confident gave the instructor faith in me and I passed despite making a lot of errors. Meanwhile, my friend who was a great driver but highly nervous ended up taking their test five times before they passed!

So the question is: how do you look confident when you aren’t? How do you stay calm even though your nerves are going crazy?

The first thing to do is to smile. Smiling actually releases neurochemicals in your brain such as serotonin that help to improve your mood and make you feel a lot calmer. This happens even if you aren’t actually happy and it also communicates to others that you are less nervous!

Another way to come across as confident is to be more decisive. One of the biggest signs that we are feeling anxious is an inability to settle on a decision and this sort of thing can instantly cause people to lose faith in us. But if you are still able to stick to a decision and make judgments, you will come across as calm and in control.

Finally, looking confident and successful is also a matter of how you present yourself. If you look at the part then people will assume you have things under control. Being tall and good-looking even correlates with a higher salary for this reason!

Dress smartly (a suit goes a long way), look after your health (stay toned, moisturize and eat a nutritious diet, and people be willing to hand responsibility over to you even when you might not feel calm and in command.