Life Mistakes That Prevent You From Living the Life You Want

Most of us grew up with an idea of how we thought life should be. Most of us have dreams and ambitions that go beyond ‘working a nine to five’.

Many of us will never be rock stars. Most of us will never have the huge home that we’ve always wanted. And most of us will never get six-pack abs.

It sounds depressing but the worst part is that so many of us accept this. So many of us assume that this is normal and we just allow ourselves to ‘make do’ with an average life.

It doesn’t have to be this way. And chances are, there are a few things you can change right now to improve your chances of living a life that others dream of…

Here are some of the biggest mistakes that prevent us from accomplishing our goals and living our dreams….

Accepting Average

The first mistake is the one we just alluded to: accepting that life should be average and ‘normal’. Many of us are so adamant about this that when someone makes an attempt to live a more exciting or unusual life, we even shoot them down. We accuse them of being unrealistic or foolish. The reality though? There’s no point in living an average or dull life. Be who and what you dream of or die trying!

Feeling ‘Too Old’

Many of us make the excuse that we are too old. I have news for you: that is very rarely true. Most goals are actually easier to accomplish once we’re more experienced, wealthier, and better connected. There’s less competition when we’re older for many things too. And even if you can’t achieve your exact childhood dreams, you can probably achieve some version of them.

Following the Obvious Routes

Another mistake is following the ‘obvious’ routes to where you want to be. The mistake is thinking there is only one way to get what you want – whereas in fact there are usually lots of options. Play to your strengths!

Not Being Honest

Finally, too many of us are not honest with ourselves about what we really want. It’s not just a matter of us not knowing what will make us happy – it’s a matter of us denying our true natures. Maybe it’s not convenient to admit that you want to go traveling and see the world at this point in your life. Maybe your ‘dream’ is too strange to be taken seriously. But until you are true to yourself you will not be happy.