Want to be Successful at Literally Anything? Here’s How to Do It

If you want to be successful in any part of life – which it’s probably safe to assume you do – then there is one single strategy that you need. One single methodology.

That strategy is this: find small steps you can take and then take them every single day.

Consistency is the key. And so too is patience.

Everything else is extra.

Some Examples

Let’s say that you want to get into amazing shape. How do you do it? Simple: you find a training program – anything that involves more exercise than you currently do – and you stick at it every single day without fail.

Want to build a business? Simple: you find time in the evenings or at the weekend and you put time into creating your products or services, marketing them, and fulfilling orders.

Want to find love? Then you put yourself in those positions where you’re likely to meet someone and you make sure that you go there regularly and make the effort to talk to people.

I could go on.

The reason this works is simple: it breaks your goals down into small steps that anyone can execute and by doing that, it makes the goal bite-sized and manageable.

This not only takes you incrementally closer toward your objectives though: it also doubles as ‘training’. Every time you try at something, you become a little bit better and a little bit more experienced. That means that you will become slightly more likely each time to be successful and to accomplish the goal the next time you try.

How to do It

The problem is that most people won’t take this attempt. Very few people train on a regular basis in a consistent manner. They instead take up some intensive form of training or an over-the-top fad diet and they try to lose weight fast.

A lot of people will give up on running a business when they don’t see immediate success.

A lot of people hope that love will just land on their doorstep as it does in the movies – thinking that they don’t need to be proactive.

The key then is to find the motivation and to make the small steps manageable enough that you will actually do them.

But most importantly, it’s to stop focusing on the end result and instead focus on the means. You need to love what you’re doing and you need to do it for its own sake. Only then will you be able to stick at it when the going gets tough. And ironically, once you are less fixated on the ends, that’s when your goals become reality!