Manage Anger With Positive Thinking

Feeling angry is actually a healthy and natural response to certain events. These events can be ones that are caused by your surroundings such as missing your bus or flight. Or they can be caused by events that have happened to you at an earlier date or by events that are happening in your personal life.

Your body goes through a whole slew of changes when you become angry. Your blood levels rise, your heart rate increases, as do your hormone and adrenaline levels.

Demonstrating anger at certain times is appropriate and has been inbred in humans as a survival instinct. When you or your family are threatened you react out of anger. Who isn’t going to defend themselves when necessary?

Problems occur in the way that you react to certain situations. If your child is hurt then your reaction is going to be more severe than when arguing with a co-worker. Unfortunately, these extremes or responses are not always appropriate. You may find that you totally lose it with a co-worker instead of attempting to just talk things out.

When this happens then you know that you have an anger management issue and should take steps to rectify it. One way to do this is by using positive thinking. Try to look at what you can learn from a situation and how to handle it in a better way.

If a particular person is making you angry try to think about them in a more positive light. Don’t just focus on what it is that makes your anger boil. Look for their good points instead. Maybe they are great with a new software program, even though they have a bad attitude problem.

One way to improve the way you think is to start using positive affirmations on a daily basis. Quite often it is the way you view a situation that is the cause of your anger, and not the actual situation itself.

You may just be feeling stressed out and tired and this brings out your bad side. Make a point of making some personal time for yourself. This can include scheduling in exercise time, time for meditation or for taking a relaxing bath at night time.

The next time you react in an angry manner, take a deep breath and think before you act. Ask yourself if your reaction is justified or not. Then look for a way to handle the situation in a more positive way.