Signs Of Anger Management Issues

Are you ever truly aware of what makes you burst into anger? One minute you are fine and the next you feel like you want to explode? There are actually warning signs which signal that you are feeling angry. Once you are aware of these you can take steps to control and reduce your anger accordingly.

Anger is a physical response that is perfectly normal and healthy. Everyone at some point experiences anger. What differs is the way each person responds to these feelings.

Anger is known as one of the flight or fight responses. Your body goes into overdrive and you experience the feelings of either running from a situation. Or you may have the tendency to stay and fight it out.

Each person will experience different triggers and below are some of the most common ones.

  • That knotty feeling in the pit of your stomach
  • The onset of headaches
  • Jaw clenching or hand clenching
  • Rapid breathing
  • The need to start pacing around
  • A tense body
  • Sweating

As soon as you start experiencing any of these triggers it is time to act on them, in a good way. It is important to understand what triggered these emotions. Many times it is “what you think” and not “what really happened” that is the cause of your feelings.

Have you ever found yourself saying things like, “you never consider my feelings” or “it’s not what I wanted?” You may actually just be jumping to conclusions. So our first word of advice is to not act instinctively. Instead, access the situation and think before acting and speaking.

Another cause of anger triggers can be found in your daily routine. Do you hate that commute to work each day? Do you find you always get angry when sitting with a certain group of people or a person? If so, look for ways to reduce these triggers. Can you carpool a couple of times a week so you aren’t doing the driving all the time? Find other people to sit with at lunchtime if possible, or go for a walk to reduce the amount of time spent with them.

The next time you start experiencing any of these trigger signs of anger, know them for what they really are. Your body is triggering a natural response so look for a healthy way to deal with the situation. Maybe walking away is better than staying to fight?