Tips for Reducing Anger in Your Life

Sometimes the cause of your anger can be staring you right in the face. As much as you hate to admit it you are not happy with your current state of affairs and it is time to make changes. Living with huge amounts of anger is not healthy and can lead to a variety of mental and physical issues. This can include stress, heart attacks, anxiety, and depression. Which of course, can affect all members of your family too.

Are you and your spouse having issues? This is often a root cause of anger in couples. If you find that you tend to fight or argue at night when discussing almost any issue, then try moving your discussion times to the morning.

If problems are just not getting resolved then it may be time to face the fact that your relationship just isn’t working anymore. Maybe you need a change of environment or it could be time to put an end to the relationship. Living in a bad relationship is not healthy for any of the parties involved.

Your anger may stem from having a huge mortgage. It may be better to think about moving and downsizing to a smaller home. Or moving to a different location where housing prices are cheaper.

You may hate the fact that some of the things your children are doing are making you boil! For example, their messy rooms may drive you mad every time you walk by them. Instead of letting it get to you try closing the door so you don’t see the mess. You don’t really want to explode on your kids do you?

Another lifestyle issue that can increase your anger level is that of job-related stress. You work all day and then know you have to come home to a busy house at night. The minute you walk through the front door your kids bombard you with requests and then there is a dinner waiting to be cooked.

Try this solution, tell your kids that the first 10 minutes when you come home is yours. You are not to be bothered unless it is for a total emergency. This 10 minute allows you to get your thoughts in order, make a tea and just regroup after the stresses of work.

Take a look at your lifestyle and see if you can identify what is triggering your anger. Then look for ways to simplify it, can you get help with making dinner, or is it time to sell your home and move to a new location?