Natural Supplements That Give You Instant Energy

If you’re interested in boosting your energy levels so that you can get more out of life, be more productive and maybe get into shape, then a supplement might just be the catalyst you need for that. The point to remember here is that athletes use supplements all the time in order to help them to run much further and faster and to generally perform at almost superhuman levels. If they can use supplements to do that, then why can’t you use supplements just to increase your energy levels to a normal degree?

Here we will look at 4 supplements you can try using that will increase your energy as well as some that you shouldn’t bother going near.


Creatine is a fantastic supplement that has been the subject of countless studies and always seems to come out shining. The idea of creatine is to recycle the ‘ATP’ – adenosine triphosphate – in our bodies so that we can use it again. This is useful because ATP just so happens to be the main source of energy for all living things. This then means that a bodybuilder can perform more repetitions on the bench press and a sprinter can go just a little faster for longer. But it has also been shown to boost mental energy and improve performance in IQ and memory tests.


One of the most popular brands of supplement right now for bodybuilders is pre workout. This is a substance designed to provide instant energy so that athletes can get more from their workouts. The only problem is that it mainly consists of caffeine and other substances designed to amp up the metabolism. While this might make you feel less sleepy, it will also make you feel shaky and anxious and it isn’t terribly healthy. This one is one to avoid.


Lutein is a substance normally associated with eye health. A recent study though shows that when rats are given lutein with full fat milk, they’re more likely to run far distances of their own accord. It appears to improve energy levels and fat burning making it definitely one to watch!

CoEnzyme Q10

While CoEnzyme Q10 is a little on the pricey side, it is also a very effective supplement that boosts mitochondrial function (the energy centers of the cells) and thereby improves energy in a safe, natural, and long-lasting way.