Manifestation Exercises to Achieve Your Desires 

Your beliefs can shape your life, if you let them. This process, which is called manifestation, enables you to see and perceive the world differently based on your thoughts and values, which brings about opportunities to transform your world and realize your dreams. Only when you believe that you have the power to obtain something can you actually achieve it.

If you would like to use the power of manifestation to accomplish your goals and realize your dreams but are not sure exactly how, then we have you covered. These six manifestation exercises can help you achieve your desires and make your wishes come true.

1. Create a Vision or Dream Board

One technique that is helpful for manifesting your dreams is to ask for what you want. One way to remind yourself to spend time every day asking for your goals to be attained is to create a dream board. This board is a place to post photos, words, and other visuals that represent your goals. After you have created this board, hang it somewhere where you will see it every day. Spend several minutes looking at this board and asking the universe to bring you what you most desire. This type of reminder is also great for helping you visualize your dream.

2. Meditate

Mindfulness meditation is a way to help your find focus and find peace, which can allow you to attend to what is most important to you. Meditation helps you become a more positive thinker and trains your mind to ignore mental chatter and clutter that is preventing you from reaching your goals, as well. Just five minutes of meditation a few times per day can make a tremendous difference in your thought patterns.

3. Practice Gratitude

Being thankful for what you already have in your life leaves you wanting less. And gratitude helps you clarify what is most important to you, which is necessary to manifest your goals. Being thankful for your blessings and gifts helps you focus on ways to use those to attract what you most want into your life, as well.

4. Give What You Wish to Receive

The Law of Attraction states that you are most likely to receive from the world that which you put out into it. So, if you are trying to attract positivity, you must send out positive energy. If you are trying to attract love, you must send out love to others. Sending out abundance will attract prosperity to you. Give to others what you hope to receive from the universe in return, and you will soon manifest your dreams.

5. Banish Limiting Beliefs

There are many long-held beliefs or values that you have that may be interfering with your ability to attract what you most desire. For example, if you believe deep down that you are unworthy of true love, you will sabotage your efforts to find a mate. Your limiting beliefs manifest in your self-talk, your choices, and your perceptions of others. Explore what beliefs you have that are limiting your success, and work to change these into more positive mindsets and attitudes that will help you accomplish your goals.

6. Declutter Your Life

From possessions to values to relationships, you have too much clutter in your life. Getting rid of things that do not serve your best interest and needs, including people and thoughts, can free you to focus more on what matters most. Throw away stuff that is holding you back, get rid of toxic relationships, and clear a path to positive thinking by decluttering your mind of unhelpful notions.

A quick question for you! Have you tried out any of the above manifestation exercises before? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.