Your Beliefs Determine What You Can Manifest

There are many misconceptions out there about what manifestation is or how the process of creating your life actually works. Many people incorrectly think that just thinking about something can make it come true. Others believe that just being a good person means good things will automatically happen to them. While both of these are components of manifesting your dreams, they are missing a key element. Your beliefs play an influential role in manifestation. Here is how.

The Power of Belief for Manifesting Your Dreams

Manifestation is a multifaceted process that involves several things. The most foundational of these is your beliefs because, without these, the other ingredients will not come together properly to help you manifest your goals and dreams in life. For you to manifest anything, you have to have beliefs, desire, and action. And because your beliefs affect everything else in this equation, they become the natural starting place for your manifestation work.

Your beliefs, that is what you value about yourself and believe to be true, influence everything from how you see the world, how you react to others, the words you choose, and every decision that you make. If you are trying to manifest something into reality, you must first begin by looking at the beliefs that may be limiting your ability to do this as well as those that color your actions and choices.

Every thought that passes through your mind is filtered and colored by what you believe. When you take in the world through all your senses, your beliefs tell your brain what to pay attention to, what to ignore, and what to like or dislike. Your beliefs are the basis of all the energy you put out into the world, all the passion or excitement, all the disappointment or anger, which affect how well you can manifest a new reality.

If you want to try manifestation, you must value what it is you are trying to achieve. You have to believe that you are capable of achieving this goal. You must believe that you are worthy of accomplishing what you most want in life. You have to believe that, no matter what, your manifestation can and will work, that your thoughts have power.

Belief in yourself and your capabilities is perhaps the most critical part of this equation. For example, if you are trying to manifest wealth into your life but you secretly believe that you are incapable of earning much money or that you do not deserve abundance, you will not manifest this dream.

You will continually sabotage yourself, ignore helpful signs from the universe, and neglect to see opportunities that could bring you closer to your desired outcome. Without belief, all the actions in the world will not get you where you want to be.

Examining your beliefs is the first step to manifestation. Figuring out which of these might be limiting your ability to realize your goals will help you figure out how to transform these into thoughts that are more positive and helpful. If, for example, you believe that all rich people are inherently wrong or evil, you will never attain riches yourself because your beliefs will constantly interrupt your actions and choices that could bring you closer to this objective.

Your beliefs are opinions, not facts. As such, you can change them, revise them, and let go of those that are not serving your life. And when you do, you can replace them with more powerful notions that can fuel your manifestation journey. You are destined to be whatever you choose in life. Your beliefs will feed you.