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Manifestation and Determination: A Magic Combination

The universe is ready to grant you what you desire. Are you ready to receive it? Manifestation only comes when your path includes determination. Together, manifestation and determination are bound entities that bring everything you need directly to you. Manifestation is belief made real, while determination is the commitment you make to living that realism. Together they create a magic combination of force, purpose, and results.

Manifestation and Determination as a Force

Imagine a knife cutting through butter. Can that same knife cut through wood, steel, or stone? The universe gives you the tools you need to cut through every challenge in your life. But unless you are determined to use the tools properly, you won’t succeed and complete the universe’s plan for you. Believing in the universe’s gifts means that you need to be determined to follow through on your path.

Manifestation is the embodiment of the universe granting your deepest desires. Obtaining these desires comes with a price. The price of manifestation is being truly determined to reach your goals. Determination helps you move beyond your doubts and fears. Determination keeps you focused on the practices that guide your path and move you forward to manifestation. It is the commitment to knowing that the universe is working with you and for you, no matter what your circumstances are right now. The universe will grant your desires, but only if you are determined to receive the gifts.

Together, manifestation and determination are the force that keeps you balanced and whole. They help you shut out the world’s distractions and focus on your goals. They help you remain open to the universe’s gifts and allow you to receive the blessings meant for you.

Manifestation and Determination as Purpose

Your deepest desires come from your guiding sense of purpose. When you acknowledge that the universe has a plan for you and you stay determined to fulfill that plan, you are combining manifestation and determination into your purpose, making your purpose strong and viable. Your purpose lights your path, even when there is darkness around you.

Your commitment to your purpose allows the universe to grant you the blessings you need. When your requests are based on your purpose, the universe knows exactly how to help you. Requests without direction or purpose leave room for error and may bring blessings you aren’t ready for right now. If you don’t know what you want and why you want it, the universe can’t grant you what you truly need.

Manifestation and determination also allow you to be an instrument of fulfilling other’s purposes as well. The universe works with everyone who asks to bring forth the highest good. It aligns people who have a similar purpose, so the benefits are shared and doubled in their sharing. Your purpose, combined with others’ purposeful requests, create a magic combination of manifestation and determination.

Manifestation and Determination for Results

Remember, a manifestation is your desire made real and whole. Determination keeps you on your path so you can see and understand the universe’s gifts to complete your desires. If you are unfocused, undisciplined, or unsettled, you may miss the best things the universe gives you. When your purpose is clouded or unclear, it is difficult to see real results.

Blessings come in many forms. Your journey takes you from wanting to receiving, but only if you are determined to stay on the path. Together, manifestation and determination combine to show you the blessings you are receiving. Without determination, the universe may manifest the things you need but won’t realize their worth.

Everything the universe gives you should be accepted with the spirit of “How can I best use this gift?” If you are determined to live your purpose, the answer will be apparent to you. Knowing what to do with the abundance the universe provides is the magical result of combining both manifestation and determination.

Together, you and the universe are the fulfillment of your desires. The magic combination of manifestation and determination gives you purpose, force, and the results you need to live your life fully.

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