The Role of Visualization in Manifestation and Creation

Manifestation, sometimes referred to as the law of attraction or karma, is the principle that whatever you put into the universe will come back to you in some form at some point in time. The idea is that if you exude positive thoughts and actions you will manifest positive things in your life. Likewise, if you exude negative thoughts and actions you will manifest negative things in your life.

Visualization is a significant part of the manifestation process, as it reshapes our thinking and vision so that we can successfully manifest the things we want in life. Visualization is not how we manifest and attract the things we want. Rather, visualization is a process that focuses our attention in such a way that we become motivated and more action-oriented in the pursuit of the things we want.

When practiced and utilized effectively, visualization actually changes our brains and make them believe that what we envision is reality. It, therefore, stimulates the same physiological processes that the real event/object would.

As our thoughts shift from hoping and wishing to actually acting as though the thing is a reality, our attitude shifts to one that is more positive, and our belief and gratitude grow. This puts us in the perfect position to manifest what we desire because our thoughts, feelings, and energy are all directed towards that thing. Thus, we can take the necessary steps/measures to make that thing happen in our lives.

Sounds amazing right?! So how can we practically implement visualization in our lives? Surprisingly, visualization is easier to practice than one might think. This article outlines a few techniques to help you practice visualization in your own pursuit of your dreams and desires.

Vision Board

Creating a vision board is a very practical way to practice visualization in your daily life. With a vision board, you actually place images and words on the board that represents those things you want in your life. The idea is that through the creation of the board and the repeated viewing of those things on a daily basis, you generate the motivation needed to take the steps needed to make those things a reality


Affirmations are another good and simple way to practice visualization. According to Dr. Walter E. Jacobson, an affirmation is a statement used to reprogram the subconscious so that we begin to believe and then create the reality we desire.  Affirmations help us to actualize what we want by helping us to believe, at first at a subconscious level and then at a conscious level, that what we want is possible and attainable.


Meditation can also be a useful practice when it comes to visualization. Meditation is an exercise that can train the brain to be more aware and more focused.

To use meditation as a means of visualization, the goal of meditation should be to shift focus from negative thoughts to positive ones related to the goals and dreams you wish to achieve. Additionally, meditation should focus the mind on next steps needed to actualize those goals and dreams. As with affirmations, meditation is most useful when practiced repeatedly and consistently.

Visualization can prove to be a powerful tool if used regularly and effectively. Effective visualization helps us to reshape our thoughts so we possess the inspiration needed to make choices and decisions that will make our dreams a reality.

Consider implementing strategies such as creating a vision board, stating affirmations, and meditation as a means of practically implementing visualization into your life. Then, watch as your faith in yourself and your abilities increases in a way that empowers you to achieve your dreams.