Reasons You May Be Waking Up Tired

Why are you waking up with low energy? If you find yourself waking up in the mornings with incredibly low energy levels then you’re not alone. This is how many of us feel first thing in the morning and it’s what encourages so many of us to just crawl back under the covers instead of springing out of bed in order to get productive. Some people though will find that they feel much worse than others in the morning and this can be a real problem when you have lots to get done. If you’re waking up and not feeling refreshed then it’s important to find out why and to do something about it.


One reason we often feel rough in the morning is actually that we’re dehydrated. This is a long time for our bodies to go without food or drink and as such it’s easy to wake up with a dry throat and headache. Gulping down a few glasses of water before bed is a great way to circumvent this problem and if it’s really bad you can even consider eating some chia seeds which are great for keeping you hydrated.

Low Blood Sugar

Likewise, it might be that you actually have low blood sugar for the same reasons. If you wake up in the morning and you feel sick and shaky, consider that you might need to eat a little more food – especially sweet food – before bed. Some people even suggest that this is the reason we’ve evolved in order to crave sweet things after we’ve eaten savory.


Sleep apnea is a condition that causes you to wake up repeatedly in the night because you’re stopping breathing. The problem is that most people wake so briefly that they actually have no recollection of doing so at all and thus they never realize they have a problem. Ask your partner to watch you sleep and if you have an issue, see a doctor about a CPAP machine.


Depression can also often cause you to not want to get out of bed – and our energy levels and moods are very tightly linked. SAD (seasonal affective disorder) meanwhile can cause depression-like symptoms in winter. What’s more, antidepressants such as barbiturates list ‘difficulty waking up’ as one of their potential side effects.


Finally, if you have a very scratchy throat in the morning and it’s not dehydration, it might be an allergy. Try sleeping with the window closed and see if that helps!