Why So Many People End Up Unhappy

A lot of people, sadly, will end up rather unhappy with their lot in life. Or at least, they will end up feeling a little dissatisfied and unfulfilled. So many people don’t enjoy the jobs they do or don’t feel they get enough time with their family. So many people feel low on energy or have bad health and don’t have the time to do anything about it.

How does this happen?

Why do so many people not get what they want from life and what can you do to make sure that you are different?

The Trap

Essentially, it all comes down to something of a trap. A lot of us fall into this trap, not even recognizing it for what it is until it’s too late.

The trap goes like this:

  • Either you leave school and go into college or you take on an apprenticeship/basic job
  • If you took on the apprenticeship, then you work hard to get the job you can, so that you can move out of your parents house, stand on your own two feet and start getting things you want
  • If you went to college, then you finish and don’t want to go back to living with your parents… so you end up taking on whatever work you can find in order to rent a flat and live alone.
  • You enjoy the freedom and the means that work offers you and you enjoy the feeling of success, so you climb the ladder. You intend to find work that is fulfilling and rewarding at some point in the future.
  • You meet someone or maybe you buy a house. Either way, you now have responsibilities and commitment to people other than yourself: you now need that money and can’t easily quit.
  • You continue to succeed and climb the ladder. You maybe become a manager or a CEO. But it’s still not a job you actually get any true reward from.
  • You get married. Maybe have children. You start to accumulate expensive items like cars and televisions. Your work starts to take longer hours and more responsibility. You come home in the evenings exhausted and with no energy to pursue other interests.
  • Stress and a lack of exercise/passion leaves you tired and unhealthy. You feel like you’re too old to begin a new career or to change your life.

Sound familiar? It’s a trap that befalls many of us but it doesn’t have to if you don’t let it. You are now aware of the problem and that puts you one step ahead of everyone else. One step closer to breaking out!

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