You’re Never too Old to be What You Always Wanted to Be

We make a lot of excuses for ourselves when it comes to the question of why we haven’t achieved our goals.

It’s very hard to admit that you have given up on your dreams, that you never tried hard enough, or that you lacked the courage to take the leaps and to become what you should have been.

But while there are many potential excuses that we can give ourselves, the one that seems to carry the most weight for the most people is this: they think they’re too old.

Hands up if you think you’re now too old to achieve what you always wanted!

On the face of it, there seems to be an awful lot of truth to this. It seems logical. If you always wanted to be a football player, then you’ll struggle to become one at the age of 30. It’s definitely too late to become an astronaut. There are very few famous actors aged 50. If your back is out, you won’t be a weight lifter.

All sounds legit but unfortunately, they’re still just excuses. There’s still no reason you can’t be those things.

The only difference? You might not be as big or as famous.

For example, if you want to be an actor or an actress then guess what? There’s actually a lot of work for older actors in sitcoms, movies, and soaps. It all starts with taking on a few bit parts.

There are zero reasons you can’t write a book. Did you know that there are far more business owners that launched their companies in their 40s-60s than there are who started in their 20s or 30s? You have more money, more connections, and more knowledge.

Maybe it’s too late to be an astronaut but you can certainly sign up for Virgin Galactic.

Want to be a footballer? Join an over 50s league.

Want to travel? You are in no way disadvantaged compared with someone younger than you.

The point is, many of the excuses we make don’t hold much water when placed under closer scrutiny. And in fact, there are many ways in which it becomes easier to be successful when you’re older! You might find there is less competition for music aimed at your age group!

So, stop making excuses and keep on trying. And even if you never make it, it’s the journey that makes life so rewarding anyway.