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Skills, Traits and Resources to Help You be More Self-Reliant

Self-reliance can mean many things to many people. One thing that it often means though, is being able to deal with issues and problems as they come up. A good measure of self-reliance as it is commonly thought of, is how long you can last in a house alone before you need to call someone for help. This means being able to take care of yourself, being able to avoid getting bored and being able to deal with crises and practical tasks.

One way to help yourself in these matters is simply to give yourself a roster of skills, traits, abilities and resources you can rely on when you need them. The greater your roster of skills and resources? The more situations you’ll be able to cope in. Here then are some things to acquire…


Basic mechanical skills and at least the ability to do things like jump-starting your car battery or changing your brake pads can help you in many a crisis where you otherwise would be reliant on others for help.

Home Improvement and Practical Household Skills

The same goes for when the boiler breaks, the electricity goes off or the radiator needs bleeding. These are all things you should be able to cope with.

Tool Box

Many of these problems that can go wrong are going to require a toolbox. This is a basic item that everyone should have around the house if they hope to achieve any measure of self-reliance.


There is no excuse in this day and age for not being able to cook. Unless you are ten years old and still living with your Mum, this is a basic skill that every adult should possess. Make sure you are capable of at least making basic meals and expand your roster whenever possible.

The Internet

An argument could be made for the web being responsible for a loss of self-reliance. On the other hand though, having this resource is incredibly useful when solving problems or even just entertaining yourself.

First Aid

Basic first aid or medical knowledge is also a highly useful skill for those who want to be truly independent.

Skills and Hobbies

Skills and hobbies prevent us from getting bored when we’re home alone and this is also crucial for self-reliance. Self-reliance isn’t just about being able to take care of yourself but also being able to thrive when left alone rather than wasting the time.