The Power of Gratitude in Showing Your Appreciation

Gratitude is a word that is so often left out of our daily vocabulary, but it is an important factor in our happiness. Instead of reserving gratitude as a focus of the season of Thanksgiving, we should each be working toward daily gratitude in order to make our lives more fulfilling and help us be happier in general.

In fact, when we think about gratitude, we tend to think about the major things in life. We are grateful for our families, our jobs, our homes. But how often do we really stop to soak in our appreciation for the small things in life? How often do we revel in the sound of the rain? Or appreciate the cup of coffee our spouse makes for us in the morning.

We propose that the power of gratitude lies in the ability to appreciate and take notice of all of the small wonders happening around you. In learning to stop and appreciate the smallest moments in life.

How to Appreciate the Small Things

If you struggle to stop and appreciate the little things along the way, then there are several tactics that you can use to help yourself focus on the small moments in your life that lack your focus.

You might consider practicing mindfulness. Mindfulness is a daily brain exercise where you practice focusing your thoughts on a particular aspect of life. If you are wanting to improve your appreciation, then you could focus on something small around you. Sit in the backyard and spend ten quiet minutes appreciating the sound of the birds, for example.

You might also want to invest in a journal. Many people find journaling to be a positive method for helping them to refocus their thinking on something new. Spend a small amount of time each day writing about a minor detail you are grateful for. You may be surprised at how easily your attitude is influenced by daily journaling.

Ways that This Small Change in Behavior can Change Your Life

You may be surprised by the effects that a quick change in your outlook on the small things in life can actually dramatically transform your life. The ability to focus on the small positives in our daily lives does not come easily. However, once you are able to achieve this a powerful transformation happens.

You see, when you are no longer focused on the overwhelmingly negative aspects of your day and are instead focused on the tiny positive details, those negatives do not seem so dark anymore. Focusing on the small details allows you to see how so many of the big things are far outnumbered by the small.

You might also begin to see that your change in attitude can have a positive effect on the other people in your life. When one person in the home begins to see something in a more positive light, that positivity has a way of spreading to the other people in the home. You might even make the whole house happier with a simple change in the way you view the world around you.

Final Thoughts

Appreciating the small things is not a habit that comes naturally to the human race. Those who are able to achieve this usually do it through a lot of inner reflection and hard work. However, learning to appreciate the small things in life can have a major impact on the way your life goes as a whole. If you are seeking a big change in your ability to handle the world around you, consider practicing some appreciation of the small things.

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