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Ways to Stay Motivated to Exercise this Winter

Winter is coming- what does this mean for you? If you’re a character on the immensely popular TV show Game of Thrones, it means your life as you know it is about to end forever. It means a dreadful future is near, as a cold descends up on the land, exposing everyone to an encroaching danger.

Does that describe your attitude towards winter when it comes to maintaining your workout regimen? Sounds like you could use a few tips on staying motivated.

Why? because you’re not a citizen of the 7 Kingdoms and the only approaching danger is a self-induced bout of a-motivational thinking that will lead you nowhere fast.

Nope, winter doesn’t have to spell doom for your exercise routine. The key is to stay motivated daily so the cold weather is nothing but a fresh perspective on your day. Here are 4 tips for staying motivated daily for your winter workout routine.

1. Make it Easier to Get Out of Bed

If you’re a morning runner, getting out of your warm bed is your first- and hardest- obstacle. One way to lessen the shock is to program your house’s thermostat to turn up the heat right before your alarm goes off. That way, staying under your duvet isn’t the only option for staying warm when you wake up.

2. Find a Foolproof Outfit

Once you’re up, it’s still not easy, is it? It’s COLD outside. Consider this: most types of bad weather can be conquered with the right clothing. Treat yourself to a nice set of proper winter workout gear and you’ll know why everyone says it’s worth every penny.

3. Embrace Your Local Gym

Even when you’re committed to an outdoor experience every time, it’s hard to ignore the weather-proof benefits of joining a gym. Hate gyms? Try to figure out what your mental blocks are and remove them. A little self-exploration goes a long way here. After all, it could mean the difference between getting your exercise all winter, or slobbing out on the sofa ’til Spring!

4. Set Your Goals for Spring

Speaking of next Spring, why not sign yourself up for a Spring event like a half marathon? It’s the perfect way to inject daily motivation to your winter workout routine. Training for a spring fitness goal can keep you on track every day this winter, if you keep your eyes on that event.