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Stay Motivated So You Can Sell More Products

What’s the driving force of any good salesperson? Daily motivation. In fact, it’s absolutely critical to keep yourself motivated every single day if you’re going to succeed in sales. Here are four useful tips from winners who manage to keep their game fresh no matter what.

1. Expect Obstacles & Be Ready to Quash Them

We all have obstacles in our day. The trick is not to become demotivated because you think they only happen to you. There’s no such thing as luck: successful salespeople make sales because they jump over obstacles after flattening them with a positive attitude!

Obstacles should be viewed as opportunities to shine. After all, it’s how you interpret them and respond to them that makes or breaks your attitude. If a delay on the morning train makes you late for a meeting, use that extra time to prepare and knock their socks off when you finally arrive not flustered or angry but perfectly composed and ready to contribute absolute brilliance to the meeting!

2. Don’t Let Negative People Chip Away at Your Outlook

Staying motivated is hard if your mind is drained daily by sour, critical people. These types don’t know it, but they are driven to make everyone around them feel as miserable as they do. Blame it on evolution- it’s in our genes.

Anyway, the way to deal with negative people is to stay away from them…at least while you’re at work. Don’t let their black clouds darken your conversation with a potential customer. Their misery will rain all over you and kill your attitude as well as your sales.

3. Copy the Winners

Watching the habits of the top salespeople at work can offer you a fresh perspective and give you something to strive for. Their success automatically makes them radiate optimism and confidence, which can do wonders on your own outlook.

Each day, pick just one habit you’ve observed and try to emulate your “mentors” in this one way.

4. Give Yourself a “Win” Every Day

Staying motivated day in and day out is probably the one thing that separates “awesomely successful” sales professionals from “average joe” salespeople. Of course, it’s easy to sell when you’re feeling positive but the trick is to stay motivated daily so you can perform consistently. How to do this?

Some find it helpful to set tiny goals every day expressly for the purpose of achieving them easily. Call it a bit of self-induced boost for the ego. Schedule a bit of success every day and you’ll find your confidence growing- that’ll keep you motivated!