The Benefits of Acknowleging and Appreciating Yourself

Most of us know what it’s like to appreciate other people, and most of us hope that others appreciate us. But how many of us strive to appreciate ourselves? This article will list five benefits to getting to appreciate yourself, as well as ways that you can try to appreciate yourself a little more to get to those results.

1. Holding Yourself To A Higher Standard

When you don’t appreciate yourself, you tend to set the bar pretty low. Meeting your expectations becomes less impressive, but more acceptable. If you learn to appreciate yourself, you are likely to expect a bit more from yourself. This kind of attitude makes you reach for higher goals, and it makes it easier to quit bad habits.

To develop this kind of attitude, consider trying to set the bar for yourself a little higher the next time that a challenge comes up. Or think about getting out of your comfort zone by taking on new responsibilities at work or in social groups.

2. Contentment With Life

When you don’t appreciate yourself, you tend to have a “get what you deserve” attitude that makes you accept things about your life that you don’t like and take for granted things about your life that you do like.

When you learn to appreciate yourself, you are more likely to take pride and comfort in your achievements and your standard of living. You also become more likely to address things in your life that you aren’t fond of, like a job that doesn’t challenge you, or a living space that doesn’t meet your needs.

Work on this aspect of self-appreciation by taking a moment to consider all of the good things that you have done for yourself, like your job and your house or apartment. If you are a younger reader, consider the work that you put in at school. Next, consider some things that you would like to change. You don’t have to have an action plan ready now on how you might address those things but think about how you could work to achieve them.

3. Self-appreciation Leads To Self-Compassion

When you don’t appreciate yourself, you are more likely to be hard on yourself when things don’t go as planned. It can be easier to beat yourself up when you make mistakes by blaming everything on yourself instead of thinking about what went wrong and why.

When you learn to appreciate yourself, you learn to treat yourself more like you would be likely to treat other people if they had a bad day: with compassion. Treating yourself with compassion is better than beating yourself up for a number of reasons. First, it is more educational. If you immediately blame yourself when things go wrong, it can be difficult to figure out a creative solution. Second, it creates a loop that makes it easier for you to feel better about yourself.

The next time that something goes well, consider all of the factors that were involved, and which ones failed. The idea isn’t to remove yourself from the equation, maybe you really did make a mistake. But maybe you received faulty instructions. Maybe someone else didn’t do their part adequately. Then, instead of wallowing in your self-blame, come up with a solution and address the problem again.

4. Appreciate Others More

Some experts believe that when we don’t appreciate ourselves we are likely to have a harder time appreciating others. Think of the previous section: If you immediately blame yourself for everything that goes wrong in your life, why would you not assume that everybody’s problems are entirely their own fault?

Looking at your life and realizing that while your shortcomings are certainly your responsibility to deal with they are not all entirely your own doing can help you to understand where other people are coming from when they struggle with things. This can make it easier to appreciate other people just as it can help us to appreciate ourselves.

5. Better Self Care

Finally, appreciating yourself can lead you to take better care of yourself. Self Care is more than just not beating yourself up when things go wrong. Self Care is about giving yourself to tools that you need to protect your mental state in the long term. It’s easier to take care of yourself when you appreciate yourself and it is easier to appreciate yourself when you take care of your needs. If you try to practice some of the above suggestions in this article, like thinking about your needs and being grateful for what you have, you are already on your way to developing a Self Care routine.

Hopefully, this article has shown you some ways that you can learn to appreciate yourself. Hopefully, it has also shown you that learning to appreciate yourself is more than just a feel-good objective, it’s a practical goal that can help you to live a more meaningful and enjoyable life.

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