Signs You’ve Ignored Your Mental Health For Too Long

The importance of mental health is just as vital as physical health. When you are mentally strong, you are able to perform to your best ability. However, negative stressors or the challenges of life can have a great impact on your overall mental stability.

The Dangers of Mental Instability

The dangers of having an unhealthy state of mind are immense. They can result in a lack of productivity, violence, and even self-harm. Not to mention, mental instability can greatly affect your relationships with others. Because of this, keeping your mental health at the forefront is vital towards your self-improvement. If you feel mysteriously out of whack, consider these five signs that can indicate if you are ignoring your mental health.

1. You Are Sick Often

Many people don’t think about the connection between your mental and physical health. If you are experiencing bodily pain or frequent bouts of sickness, you may need to get your mental health checked out. The stressors caused by anxiety and depression can have a drastic impact on your nervous system. This, in turn, can impact your ability to fight off illnesses.

Quick Tip: Change your eating habits. Anxiety starts deep inside the belly. If you feel your body nutritious foods, your physical and mental health will rise.

2. You Are Frequently Unhappy

We all have our bouts of sadness that creep into our energy fields. However, if you are feeling unhappy a majority of the time, you may have a deeper issue brewing. Even in the midst of exciting or new opportunities, you can’t seem to find your joy. These feelings, intensified, may be signs of deeper issues that need to be resolved. Life is full of beautiful adventures. Take care of your mental health first in order to benefit from what life has to offer.

Quick Tip: Frequent unhappiness is scary, and it can impact your quality of life. If you are experiencing these emotions, consult with a professional or trustworthy friend. Getting the help you need to address your challenges is a great first step.

3. You Don’t Have a Sense of Purpose

If you feel as if getting out of the bed every morning is pointless, you may have underlying issues that need to be addressed. Living with a sense of purpose allows us to wake up despite our challenges. Individuals who are neglecting their mental health may at times feel as if performing daily tasks is burdensome.

Quick Tip: List your reasons for waking up in the morning; even if they are as small as drinking a cup of coffee. Then, create an internal excitement around performing that activity.

4. You Are Disinterested in Past Interests

If you previously loved hanging out with friends or visiting new restaurants, naturally those hobbies will follow you as you age. However, if you are suddenly not interested in anything you were previously interested in, you may be suppressing hurt. This causes a gloomy and uninterested disposition.

Quick Tip: Make a list of what you enjoyed most about your previous hobbies. Then, one by one, try to incorporate one of those activities into your daily routine. This will help you to slowly but surely rekindle your past love.

5. You Are Constantly Tired

As mentioned, your mental health can have a huge impact on your physical health. If your body is dealing with so much internal stress, likely you will experience extreme amounts of fatigue. Your body just wants a break from all of the anxiety. It isn’t uncommon for individuals suffering from anxiety or depression to sleep more than others.

Quick Tip: Engage in a physical activity. By getting your blood pumping, you will gain the energy you are missing. Not to mention, exercising is great for your mental health.

Mental health issues are debilitating aspects of life. However, you can take back your control. Consult with a mental health professional to help you adequately address your needs.