Controlling Anger: Tips to Manage Your Anger

While most people like to say they can control their temper, it is still easy to allow your temper to get the better of you. Use the following suggestions to help get your anger under control for good.

How many times have you blamed others for your outbursts of temper? Frequently, no doubt. A better recourse would be to start taking responsibility for your own actions. You were the one that allowed the outburst to happen, so don’t blame another party instead.

Evaluating the situation can also help you learn to control your temper. For example, if you didn’t get that job promotion and are as mad as hell about it. Stop thinking about it and start evaluating the situation. Why is it that you didn’t get the promotion? Write down your answers and then look at what actionable steps you can take to have a better chance next time around.

Learning helpful relaxation techniques is another way to control your feelings. Get into the habit of counting to ten and taking deep breathes before reacting in any way – positive or negative. Determine what the consequences will be for your actions. Then decide if you are willing to risk it by an impulsive outburst or reaction. Your parents probably told you to think before you speak when you were a child. Important words to heed when it comes to anger issues.

Confiding in one person can also be a good way to deal with your anger. Instead of letting everyone in the office know that you are mad about something. Share this information with just one person that you can trust. This way your feelings are not common knowledge and you are not likely to damage your relationship with your co-workers.

Exercising can also help you get your temper under control. If you really feel pent up and angry then try some form of aggressive sport. Boxing, martial arts, and even strenuous exercises such as running and Crossfit can be helpful. They can help reduce stress and tension in your body and calm your mind.

If you still can’t pinpoint the source of your anger or are having difficulty coping then it may be time to seek professional help. Sometimes a childhood event can be the root cause and is hidden deep within your subconscious. Once it is uncovered you will have the tools to learn how to deal with it and your anger successfully.