Here Is Your Ultimate Guide to Self-motivation

There are times you shall hit the wall, wanting to do nothing, even the things you love to do. Then idleness starts to take its toll on you, grasping you still. As a result, you begin over-indulging, hence letting negativity cloud your mind. This is called lack of motivation, and if this situation sounds familiar, then pay attention to the following points.

Assess your present situation

Why exactly are you feeling that way? Are you feeling that way because of an isolated event or due to an accumulation of factors? Regardless of the situation, you should be sure that your situation is a manifestation of incongruence between reality and your own ideas. Your job is to identify the schism first, then develop small, attainable changes that will close the gap.

Never make goals

It probably caught you by surprise because everyone else seems to scream the words ”make goals”. Instead of making goals, make choices that will cumulatively reflect your values and also desires. Try making unrealistic goals which are not compatible with your lifestyle, nor reflective to your current resources or capabilities and failure will be raring its ugly head on you. Then it becomes a predictable outcome powered by an impractical wish.

If you want the incongruence that exists between reality and dreams to slowly fade, make daily choices that will bring about the wide paradigm shift.

Create room for the bad

We all have strengths and weaknesses, and sometimes what we try to avoid ends up getting the best of us. Rather than being deceived on the idea of eliminating the bad instantly, focus on doing the good first before the bad can come last.

If you’re never a 4.00 am person and you struggle very much to keep time so you can get tasks done, spare your time once in a while and sleep until you’ve had enough of it. There are high chances that after doing this, your mind will shift with another focus, and this can get you moving in the right direction.

The idea of perfection will frustrate you

The reason why you lose motivation is because you believe in perfection. However, your job should be to cast your ego aside and start accepting every outcome as humbling and initially not pleasant. Use this opportunity to experiment and also learn from other people.

Final word

To develop motivation, you’ll struggle with doubt and assurance as well as stagnation and growth. But because you’re aware of the situation as temporary, you won’t be bent beyond shape.