Meditation for a Broken Heart


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Meditation for a Broken Heart - Guided Meditation

Losing love is one of the hardest things humans go through. When a relationship ends, the emotional pain and recovery journey can be overwhelming. Sure, there is a natural time to grieve and wallow for a while when a relationship ends, but when this is stopping you from living your life, it's time to look after yourself.

The end of a relationship can be an emotionally turbulent time, and regular deep relaxation provides an essential, restorative break from a difficult time. The emotional spikes from talking to or thinking about your ex will lessen, and you will in time be able to stop unhelpful behaviour such as constantly monitoring your phone, email and social media, and start to enjoy your own time and space.

This guided meditation session guides you to mend a broken heart. With patience and compassion, you can heal this strain that has been put on your heart and emotions. Take the first step towards healing your broken heart by listening to the Meditation for a Broken Heart guided meditation.

Simply download the guided Meditation for a Broken Heart session, pop on some headphones, and listen, to discover how to:

  • Heal the hurt from a relationship end
  • Deeply relax your mind and body so that you are not suffering from excess stress and emotion
  • Give yourself a break from beating yourself up and looking for reasons why this relationship is over
  • Think calmly about past relationships
  • Feel quietly optimistic about future relationships

Our guided meditations are designed to fit in a busy weekday, for direct results. The more you practice the more results you will get with meditation. Your focus, your intention, and your mindfulness will improve if you dedicate yourself to daily meditation. Just dedicating 5-10mins to yourself every day can be life-changing.

Get ready to make a real positive difference in your life.

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