Connection Between Fear and Lack of Motivation

There is a surprising discovery that researchers have found linking fear and a lack of motivation. This connection usually occurs subconsciously, and the majority of people are very unaware of the inner works of their brains.

Fear is a very complex emotion that can happen for many reasons and triggers physical and emotional reactions. Fear holds people back from stepping out of their comfort zones and becoming what they aspire to be.

Accomplishing tasks that ultimately lead people to a fulfilling and successful life usually requires two things: courage and motivation. Courage is the ability to let go of one’s fears and feel confident in themselves. Being courageous requires risk and a very strong mind that is willing to face any situation that may arise.

Motivation, on the other hand, is something that people generally have more control over. Motivation is what drives someone to take particular actions or behave in a certain way. It is what allows an individual to accomplish their goals and reach what they consider to be a success.

Ways Fear and Motivation are Connected

There are many different ideas that have linked fear and a lack of motivation together. Fear is a large driver for a lack of motivation, even though it can be nearly impossible to recognize.


Self-worth is the confidence that one has within themselves and what they believe that they are capable of. When a person lives in a state of fear, they will hold themselves back from accomplishing their dreams and aspirations. This low sense of self-worth will present itself in a form of self-talk, telling an individual that they are not good enough or that someone else is better or more qualified.

When you have a very low sense of self-worth, you will not feel a great sense of motivation. You will not feel determined because you will not believe in yourself or trust that you can be successful. This is one of the strongest ways that fear, and motivation is connected because the fear of not being capable is the main reason that a person does not feel determined.

Feeling Doubtful

Fear is very commonly triggered by doubt. When someone is unsure about the outcome or result of a situation, they will avoid the situation at all costs. When you are afraid of what could happen if you step out of your comfort zone, it can be very easy to stay where you feel the safest and most protected.

When you are not confident about the outcome of the situation and fear the unknown, you will not feel determined to put the effort in that you need to complete a task. This will leave you feeling unmotivated to accomplish anything and will hold you back from taking risks.

Feeling Responsible

When you feel responsible for other people, completion of a task, or managing a project, you must have a very strong sense of confidence within yourself. When you feel that you are not capable of taking on these responsibilities, you live in a place of fear and will not be able to advance professionally or personally.

Any sort of relationship or family requires a large sense of responsibility. When you accept a management position in your job, you are given the responsibility of being in charge of other employees. If you are afraid to take on these tasks, you will not be motivated to advance to another chapter in your life.

The connection between fear and lack of motivation comes about in many different aspects and is crucial to understand when trying to reduce either of them. By understanding what you fear, you will feel determined and will understand your capabilities. By understanding why you are unmotivated, you will be able to recognize your deepest fears and the ways they are holding you back.