Effective Ways To Boost Your Courage

Some people seem like they were born too brave. They’re always doing things that freak us downright out. The truth is they’ve tapped into ways of building courage, possibly early enough in life that they themselves don’t realize they did it! Courage is within your reach; you just have to know how to train yourself.

No one wants to be held back by fear. If we let it, fear will keep us down and make us weak. It will bar us from our goals and make us think we can’t get where we want to be. You don’t deserve to live with fear, you deserve to have courage.

Have a Clear Vision

Everybody needs to know where they’re going. People floating through life without a clear vision often end up depressed, seeing life as pointless. Someone with a clear vision, however, can change the world. Think of Elon Musk or Steve Jobs. Their success came from a clear, impassioned vision.

According to, you should focus on how a goal will make you feel. For instance, instead of thinking “I want a high-paying job and a hot spouse.” say “I want a job that is challenging and rewarding. I want a relationship with a self-assured person who I love hanging out with.” Without this focus, you may chase after a less satisfying, superficial goal.

Name Your Biggest Fear

There is little more fear than the unknown. There is power in a name and you should use that against your fears. Don’t ignore them, instead identify each one and try to figure out where they came from. When you face your fears head-on, they have far less power over you. You will also get to know them well and find ways to keep them in line.

When you identify your biggest fear, you gain perspective. When things go wrong you can say to yourself “This is not my biggest fear, this is not the worst that can happen.” and you will manage. Identifying your biggest fear may also help you identify what your biggest passion or goals are.

Break it into Steps

The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones – Confucius.

Once you have your goals and fears defined, break down steps for fulfilling your goal in a set period of time. This will give you tangible progress to spur you on when you feel lost. The thing about goals without proper steps is that they will start to seem impossible and we will beat ourselves up about not getting to them quickly enough. Small goals keep us on track.
For instance, if you want a better job you need to first do some small things. Your first step might be researching what job you want. Then, you may need more education or training. Get that done. Finally, start applying!


Face your fear, achieve small goals, evaluate, and repeat. Keep training yourself and you will stay ahead of your fears. You will not reach a day in which everything falls into place and you can just sit on the couch. Life is often about the journey rather than the destination, so choose a journey you enjoy.
Courage is like a muscle. You train it by facing fears and thinking positively. Keep on flexing it and it’ll get bigger and bigger. You may still think that you’re afraid of a lot, but others around you will wonder where you get all that natural courage.