Daily Affirmations To Develop Courage

Courage is the ability to analyze your deepest fears, addictions, and habits and let go of them. This release allows you to step out of your comfort zone and take the risks that are necessary to align you towards success.

Success and courage can mean something different to every individual but understanding how to boost courage and feel confident can improve the life of any person. Below is a list of ten different strategies and techniques that program you towards a feeling of trust and courage within yourself.

1. I am prepared for whatever the day may bring

When you are prepared to take on any situation, you will no longer feel the need to constantly anticipate the future. Letting go of these worries allows you to trust in yourself that you are capable of any task that the day may bring. When you feel a sense of trust, you will be motivated to take risks and accomplish tasks that you may have avoided in the past.

2. I believe that I can

This is one of the most important affirmations that will lead you to a true feeling of bravery and courageousness. When you believe in yourself, you will be confident and well-respected in any situation that may arise.

When you repeat this affirmation to yourself before completing tasks that may have triggered fear in the past, you will feel confident in your abilities and will no longer second guess yourself.

3. I have moved past fear and doubt

When you shift your self-talk from negative to positive, you will realize how much your mind plays a role in the result of your situations. When you tell yourself that you are no longer afraid of the things that used to trigger you, you will feel calm taking on seemingly daunting tasks.

Once have moved past feelings of fear and doubt, there will only be a sense of confidence from within. When these past feelings arise, remind yourself that you have moved past them and no longer recognize your fears.

4. Challenges are my specialty

When you recognize challenges as a strength and something that you enjoy, you will constantly be searching for new opportunities to take risks and step out of your comfort zone.

By telling yourself that you enjoy being challenged, you will be courageous and feel capable of things that used to trigger fear.

5. I am in control of my responses

Many times, the things we are most afraid of come from fear of the unknown. We do not know what will happen as a result of a certain situation, which causes feelings of doubt and insecurity.

Although we cannot affect the outcome of a situation, we can control how we react. When you understand that you can respond to things that used to immediately trigger fear, you can alter your perspective on challenges and feel stronger.

6. I am present

Fear and a lack of courage often are a result of anxiety and worry about the future. When you are constantly worried about what could happen or what mistakes you made in the past, you will not be able to step out of your comfort zone and reach your potential. By being present in the moment, you can focus on letting go of your fear and feel confident taking on any task.

7. I am powerful and capable

Telling yourself you are capable of completing any task is the first step to feeling courageous and confident. When you have this empowering self-talk within, you will feel the need to take risks and maximize your potential.

8. I trust that everything will work out in my favor

When you trust the outcome and are no longer trying to determine it, you will let go of the worry that has been controlling your life. Trust that things will work out in your favor, and you will feel encouraged to accept the task.

9. I am unstoppable

When you feel like nothing can get in your way, you will be focused on the challenge at hand and will no longer be worried about the past or future.

10. I am strong from within

When you remind yourself of your inner strength and capability, you will realize that your courage also comes from within and you are qualified to act upon it.


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